Better Team Collaboration with Shared Inbox

Better Team Collaboration with Shared Inbox
December 16, 2016 Danielle Ungermann

Supercharge productivity with the new LiveNinja Messenger Shared Inbox

See all incoming messages, claim the conversation, and give it a star to achieve peace-of-mind

Today, we launch the shared inbox, a huge improvement to the way your team collaborates across LiveNinja Messenger.

With our new shared inbox, all of your team members can get in on the action with some extra transparency added to the mix. Now, there’s no need to worry about yelling across the office to see if anyone received the latest incoming chat.


Upon opening your application, you’ll be prompted to claim any chats left unassigned. You can find these in the Unassigned tab at the top left of your dashboard.

Before claiming the chat, you’ll be able to see a preview of your customer’s message. To claim and move a chat to your personal inbox, simply click the Claim button. Now, this particular chat will be assigned directly to you and you can manage it as you see fit. When you’re done with the chat, simply hit the Done button.

In our next update, you’ll also have the ability to transfer chats to your team members.

Team Collaboration Achievement unlocked

With this current update we’re also unveiling some helpful intelligence features around your users’ location and activity:

  • Know when to say good morning or evening with additional info on their location.


  • See when a site visitor chatting with you via the widget has left your website. This is helpful so that you always know if they’re still around and active.

Our Helpdesk article contains additional details and info on some of our other latest release items. Feel free to send feedback or tweet us at @LiveNinjaDotCom.