How To Get your Website Visitors to Buy Now

How To Get your Website Visitors to Buy Now
November 29, 2016 Danielle Ungermann

How do you get your website visitors to buy now?

There’s a common misconception that many startups fall prey to — many believe that by simply attracting visitors to your website, they will buy from you.

Sadly, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

You can invest all of your time, resources, and marketing budget on driving users to your site, but they won’t have any significant impact on your sales if you don’t first understand who your customers are and how, when, and where they make purchasing decisions.

Once you figure out who your customers are, there are certain psychological elements that you can use to impact the “buy now” mentality. Below, you’ll find 6 ways you can influence your site visitors to make a purchase on your site right away:

1. Set time constraints. Decision-making is situational and emotion-based. For the most part, sales are effective not just for the lower price tag, but for the limited time offer.

If you have a sale going for too long, you make it easy for shoppers to say “I’ll just come back later”— and once they’ve left, it makes it tough (and sometimes very expensive) to get them to come back.

In order to create sense of urgency, introduce short deadline sales to your email marketing and website promos. You can even include different promotions each day throughout the week before a new product launch or the holidays.

For example…

Monday: “Buy one item, get the second 40% off storewide until midnight tonight!”
Tuesday only: “Get $50 back to spend here after spending $200”
Wednesday only: “50% off all sweaters + knits”
and so on..


2. Make suggestions. For the most part, consumers make most of their decisions based on what appears to be the most popular trend— that’s why you see so many sites offering search filters to help visitors shop by what is “Most Popular” or “Best Selling”.

Use this knowledge to your benefit by showing your shoppers what others have previously purchased or added to their favorites list. Shopify has a bunch of great plugins you can use to automate this on your site.

Customers reviews are also very important to shoppers when making a decision. In fact, 90% of customers are shown to buy a product after reading a positive review. You can incentivize your previous customers to write reviews with discounts to your site or even by offering a Starbucks gift card.

3. Play in to the spectrum. It’s no surprise how much our moods and decision-making are affected by color. Like variations in social cues, color is also not universally understood. However, if you’re answering to a Western demographic, I’ll share some tips to help you appeal to them.

If you’re looking to attract impulse buyers, especially in the case of sale events, choose red-orange to draw in their attention. To appeal to those who are more conservative with their money, use a softer color like teal. For shoppers who tend to be more fearful of change, put them at a ease with a relaxing hue such as sky blue. The more you know about your customers, the easier it will make it to plan for different color schemes in your promotions.

Though colors won’t make or break your sale, they do play an important role in setting the right mood for a purchase to be made.

4. Offer limited editions. Similar to setting time constraints for sales, promoting products that are limited in quantity forces people to take advantage and make purchases right away.

A trending new shoe company, M.Gemi, does this really well, launching one new pair of limited edition shoes each week. Not knowing whether a pair of shoes will still be available the following day influences shoppers to make the buying decision much faster than usual.

5. Cut time in half with an easy checkout process. With a rate of 67.4% cart abandonment, companies should be looking to cut all of the right corners in the checkout process. Customers seem to get lost when having to register their information and when they are confronted with hidden charges. So lay it all out, and make the decision an easy one for them. Simplify the process by providing a 1-click buy option. Hook them in by cutting out unnecessary steps.

6. Make the decision for them. Part of what might be keeping your customers from clicking ‘Buy’ is the multitude of choices you’re placing in their hands. A large selection may initially draw in more customers, but when it comes to actually making a purchase, too many options leads to fewer sales. To combat this, provide them with a list of suggested items based on their previous product clicks and purchases.

No matter what, shoppers are always going to weigh out their options and go through every stage of the buying journey, so the key is to figure out how to speed it up. The best way to gauge what appeals to them most will be to test different versions using A/B testing on your website. Don’t expect to immediately see a huge result. Most marked data will show a difference by just a few percentage points. If you’re patient though, you will learn what is truly driving sales and then double down.

Always keep in mind that in order to get the more visitors to buy right away, you must value your viewers by giving them the fastest, most personalized experience on the web.

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