4 Must Have Tools To Help Your E-commerce Business Convert More Customers

4 Must Have Tools To Help Your E-commerce Business Convert More Customers
October 11, 2016 Danielle Ungermann

4 Must Have Tools To Help Your E-commerce Business Convert More Customers

With the majority of website traffic coming from direct searches on Google, it’s clear most eConsumers already know what they are looking to purchase. Most of the time, they are seeking a little direction, reassurance, and perhaps a free return to help them click buy.

However, there will always be some limitations in choosing an online shopping experience over a hands-on, in-store one.

This is where modern technology steps-in.

Doubled down with the latest technological enhancements, online shopping is being redefined daily. Even so, one thing remains the same: customers want the real-deal.

A one-size fits all rarely applies. With that in mind, businesses should strive to make shopping online very personalized.

This isn’t new for eRetail companies. Many are using technology to achieve the in-store attentiveness that solely caters to the individual customer.

The eRetail experience is constantly working to shape itself to better fit the customer’s needs using technology like 4 site enhancers below. See how your business can apply them to convert more site visitors into customers:

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1. Virtual dressing rooms. With more and more businesses focused on fit over size, virtual dressing rooms are making online shopping a more interactive experience that helps consumers more easily find products that will fit them. Today’s digital dressing rooms are more precise than ever – combining information from shoppers and data about garments to bring shoppers the perfect fit. This not only give shoppers the reassurance they need to buy, but also impacts businesses drastically, decreasing returns and increasing customer loyalty. If you’re just getting started on this, check out FitsMe.

2. 360-degree product views. 40% of online shoppers are said to have inspected a product in-store, or “showroomed”, before returning to buy it online at a cheaper price. With this in mind, it becomes obvious that many shoppers need to see as much of the product as possible before purchasing. By offering 360 degree product views on your website, you can give customers the ability to see the product from every angle. By doing so, you can limit the unknowns and maximize customer satisfaction. Web Rotate 360 has a free publishing platform makes it really easy to get your photos 360 ready.

3. Social Fitting Rooms. Established communities on your site is a great way to allow shoppers to share advice and tips on the size and fit of your clothing. Size charts can be deceptive. Previous customer feedback on the size and fit can go a long way. Now, online shoppers can use sites like Fitting Room Social in order to compare the size and fit of items by browsing women with similar body types to their own.


4. Messenger. With messaging becoming the most preferred method of communication in the world, businesses must consider how they can easily offer this channel to be more reachable. In a recent post by Brandon Chu, Product Manager at Shopify, he explains how easily Shopify customers can now facilitate an entire customer journey through messaging.

“Messaging enables us to rekindle the conversations we used to have with businesses, and recapture that lost intimacy.”

If you haven’t yet, Facebook Messenger is a great away to start messaging with your customers. At LiveNinja, we just released a Facebook Messenger integration and are excited to help you manage conversations there, alongside the other messaging channels we offer.

With new tools constantly being released and updated, retail websites are getting smart and covering all of their bases.

In the next decade, the eRetail industry will grow to 3x the size it is today. With that, the online shopping experience will surely become an intuitive companion in guiding you towards what you want and need before you even attempt to reach for it.

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